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The Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club Guest Book is located on the
Kiosk in the back parking lot at Rusch Preserve on Hwy C.

You can’t sign it on-line – you have to be on the trail!

The Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club trails have had visitors from all over the United States and the World!

How many different States & Countries can you find?

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11/11/2011Steve PetersRib Lake, WIIt’s Revolution Time!
12/26/2011Joe, Martha, & Angela DanowskiPrentice, WIGreat!
12/27/2011Derek FreeseSauk Rapids, MNTiring!
12/28/2011Todd, Juno, & AuroraHultman LakeGreat Skiing!
12/30/2011Steven SteinkeMedford, WIJust had to ski & it was still “all good”!

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1/2/2012Sarah OlsonMedford, WIGreat workout!
1/4/2012Becky & Jay HonnoldEvanston, ILFun!!!!
1/6/2012Todd & JunoHultman LakeGreat Snow!
1/7/2012Susie D & Lori KMedford, WIThank you – Awesome Trail!
1/16/2012Steven SteinkeMedford, WIAlways fun! Thanks for all the work!
1/23/2012Steven SteinkeMedford, WINothing like the fresh stuff!
What a workout!
1/27/2012MaryAnne & Tara ReischRib Lake, WI?
2/3/2012Dale CardwellShell Lake, WI 
2/11/2012Todd & JunoHultman LakeGreat Day!
3/7/2012Tim ObukanRhinelander, WI 
3/7/2012Brian JurnlerMarathon, WI 
3/10/2012Hannah & Becka BahlolzAthens, WIVery Beautiful!
4/10/2012Scott WalkerMadison, WIBeautiful!
4/12/2012Chad McGrathSpringstead, WINot with Scott Walker!! ?
4/12/2012John BatesManitowish Waters, WIAlso not with Scott Walker!! ?
5/12/2012Robin & Keagan VanDineAllegan, MIBeautiful! Can’t wait to come back!
5/13/2012Karl & TriciaAppleton, WI & Big SpiritTrail run for the Mothers!
7/27/2012Scott & Peggy & Megan StalheimMedford, WIHope not too many mosquitos!
7/27/2012Kyrsten & Ketilt &
Fridat Tomas Regn
Vesha Slidre, Norway 
7/27/2012Frida TomasVesha Slidre, Norway 
7/29/2012Wynn Farley &
Steve-O Webbiking
Menomonie, WI
Stayed @ Stille Nacht Campground
It was great!
8/10/2012Paul R. RobertsWest Allis (Stallis), WIGreat Trails!
9/30/2012Clay & MarslesBeach Park, ILWonderful Colors!
10/6/2012Terry PhillipsCedar Lake, INGreat Trail
10/21/2012Simon ChristensenMilwaukee, WIBeautiful!
11/4/2012Dan & Denoer RenzoniMedford, WIProbably Beautiful but Trails are Closed
12/24/2012LundyMedford, WIAmazing – Fantastic!
12/24/2012Megan S & Susan NMedford-Oconomowoc, WIGreat Ski – Merry X-Mas!! ?
12/29/2012Steven SteinkeMedford, WIYeah! First Day! Awesome! Thanks Mike Q!!
12/29/2012Kristi & MaggieAntigo, WIWonderful Trails!
12/29/2012Max Cohen &
Sarah Archibald
Madison, WISnow is Perfect!
12/31/2012Steve & SaraBeaver Dam, WIBeautiful – Thank You!

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1/1/2013Todd & JunoHultman LakeHappy New Year!
1/3/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WIAlways Fun!
1/4/2013Steven & Carol BrostMedford, WIEven Funner & Fast!
1/4/2013Molly Upp &
Jess DeBruyne
Medford & Seymour, WIWow!!
1/5/2013Krish, Jessie & MollyMedford, WILovely as usual – Thanks!
1/6/2013Eme, Greta, Jim, MaryMerrill, WIFun – Nice Trails!
1/6/2013Faith Knorn & Steve LongRib Lake, WIPretty & Fun! My First Time!! ?
1/10/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WIHope the Weatherman is off & we get SNOW!!
Fast again today – Thanks All!
1/16/2013Todd, Juno, & AuroraHultman LakeFast!
2/8/2013Jerry KrauseWeston, WIGreat Trails! Thanks!
2/23/2013Martha LauMarshfield, WI 
3/4/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WIFast & long…and more snow coming!!
3/4/2013Carol BrostMedford, WIWonderful Time – Thanks!
3/8/2013Kathy & Tim RaschleNorth Spirit Lake, WIBeautiful
3/24/2013Ed & Irene MillerEdgar, WIGreat Spring Skiing!
3/25/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WIAwesome Spring Skiing…still! Thanks to Rib Lake Ski/Snowshoe
Club for making Rib Lake #1 in WI
3/29/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WILast day? Still nice – Thank You!
3/29/2013JesseMiddleton, WIGreat yet – Thanks!
4/1/2013April Fool???The trail and season that keeps on giving!!
Fast & Furious!
Guess Who!???Still Skiing Fast on Classics!
4/13/2013Joe DornowskiPrentice, WINice – 3″ Virgin Snow!
5/10/2013Scarlet CimpirnelFranceThose French’s seek him everywhere
5/16/2013Nathanael BonnellCinncinnati, OHWhat a nice place!
5/24/2013Ken & Kayla DuesingMerrill, WIWood Lake to Timm’s Hill – Beautiful!
5/31/2013Brian DraegerAppleton, WISo sad I had to hike the ROAD because you refuse to share the
trails (Ice Age Trail Trekker)
6/15/2013Bill ClintonFrance, Europe 
6/15/2013Dylan (Danger) YoungerWisconsin Rapids, WI 
7/28/2013Jared WildenradtCross Plains, WIIAT
8/12/2013Barb & Kevin McCarthyIrma, WIWell Kept – Very Pretty!
8/22/2013Dianne LazearTomahawk, WI 
8/22/2013Pam NylundTomahawk, WI 
12/14/2013Steven SteinkeMedford, WIYeah – First Day to Schuss Away!
12/14/1013John SteinkeRhinelander, WINice Day!
12/14/1013Carol BrostMedford, WIHappy Ski Day! ?
12/14/1013Debra MillerMedford, WIGreat Ski Q!
12/26/1013Rachel & Ellyn BarteltTomahawk & Cadott, WIAwesome!
12/28/2013Todd & JunoHultman LakeBeautiful Day to Ski!

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1/1/2014ToddHultman LakeCold Day to Groom!
1/18/2014Todd & JunoHultman LakeAnother Great Day Skiing!
2/8/2014Kayleen KauffmanNordic Ski Club Milwaukee 
2/8/2014Paul KeberNordic Ski Club MilwaukeeBus load of 33 skiers – Loved you trails!!
2/15/2014Corinne, Sam (10 yrs) & Luke (8 yrs) LiskeMedford, WIBeginning skiing fun
2/16/2014BJ & Carol WellingCuster, WIBeautiful!!
2/16/2014Dave & Mindy LeederFreedom, WIReally nice!
2/20/2014Erick, Joanna &
Silas (2 yrs) Marks
Madison, WILove it here – Thanks!!
3/9/2014Adam BalzPark Falls, WIThanks!
3/16/2014Cassie Peterson &
Matt Sweeten
Rochester, NY 
3/20/2014Lori AdamsAmes, IAGod’s creation is showing off here!
What a gift to experience on my Spring Break!
Thank You!!
3/26/2014Dave ShantzAnherst, WIOne more ski!
5/31/2014Scarlet CimpimellHaven, Franceno comment
5/31/2014Sergio Bortan  
5/31/2014David Any  
6/29/2014Mary MorrisonColby, WIBeautiful
7/14/2014Maggie PersonDelavanGreat!
7/14/2014Quinn is AwesomeDelavanI loved it!
7/14/2014Mike S – 5 yearsDelavanKinda long
7/22/2014Paul BreiterfeldtMosinee, WI 
7/22/2014Eric TirgeHortonville, WIGreat Fellowship & Beer – Thanks Bob & Ann Rusch
Beautiful Trail
9/6/2014Sharon GrimmHorse Rider from Athens, WIWish Horse could stay – Nice Campsites
Would love to find a way not to go on the road
9/28/2014Beesey’sAthens, WI 
9/29/2014Michael SalchertSt Cloud, WIBeautiful area – Thanks!
10/2/2014R. HillChicago, ILJust Beautiful!

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 Rausch’s 3 Ma Pa Maurer  
1/24/2015High Point Girl’s gana was here Beautiful trails!
 Randy DraegerMarshfield, WI 
 Bob & Jane MartindaleElkhart Lake, WINice!
3/9/2015Carol Anderson-Brost & Steven SteinkeMedford, WI34 – 34 – 34 miles – that’s right 34 miles!!
 Sarah, Gemma, Max  
1/3/2015Joe, Martha & Angela DanowskiPrentice, WIGreat!
1/11/2015Paul MetzSpencer, WI 
1/11/2015Jan & TomLadysmith, WIWonderful Trails, Great Grooming – Shows a lot of TLC
1/16/2015Wyatt Beauer Great
1/23/2015Connie Liske & Sam LiskeMedford, WIMom & Son out for fun!
1/24/2015Connie, Sam & Luke LiskeMedford, WIOut for fun again!
1/26/2015Patrick & Debbie Gray  
 Robert SchultzNeillsville, WI 
5/5/2015Bob Rusch
with Dave Caliebe
 Pin flag new Ice Age Trail route
5/12/2015Joanna & Adventure DaveILIce Age Trail
5/12/2015Bernie & StacyWA StateIce Age Trail thru Hike West to East
5/23/2015Tim & TylerJohnson Creek, WI
Muskego, WI
Timm’s Hill (20 miles)
Out 10:40am – In 6:00pm – 1 hour at Tower
5/23/2015Kevin WeltonMadison, WIIAT Builder
6/6/2015TriciaSpirit Lake / AppletonBiking, running & paced by horse flies!
7/3/2015Emily & CrewGreen Bay, WIBuggy
7/26/2015Dominic PavletDallas, TXHelp – too many bugs
8/28/2015Loftberg FamilyMinnesota & North Dakota 
9/15/2015Brian DraegerAppleton, WIIAT Hiker Heading West
9/16/2015Dale LarueSt Croix Falls, WINice Place
9/18/2015Tom TeeplesBlack River Falls, WIIAT Volunteer
10/9/2015Dawn & Elizabeth SchmutzerWI Rapids & Tripoli, WIAwesome!!
10/12/2015Mark & Cindy DavisRio, WIWhat happened with the Ice Age Trail?
10/26/2015MB & GTBrynn 

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1/4/2016Kristi DeBruynMedford, WIThanks once again!
1/6/2016Steven SteinkeMedford, WIAs always – AWESOME – Thanks!
1/13/2016Lauren WillacsMinnesotaAwesome!
1/30/2016Tom AndersonSt Louis, MOGreat Deal Bob!